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My Valentine’s date

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On Valentine’s Day I had the honour to give a City Run Workshop to 13 persons who got their second weekend of their Broga teacher training from the master himself; Matt Miller.

For those who don’t know what Broga is; it is a strong, intense and physically challenging workout with accessible postures that challenge the body in new ways, increase performance and capability in sport and reduces the possibility of injury or painful impingement.

So especially for runners it is a good workout next to all the running! Ferdinand from Yogaground, who arrange the Broga teacher training in the Netherlands, invited me as a run lover to teach the upcoming Brogi’s something about running.

City Run Workshop 
Introduction – Sunday 14th of March we started at 07:30am in the Fenixloodsen in Rotterdam. After some coffee the first participants came in. Around 08:15am we started with a short introduction. I was curious to hear what the experiences with running were. I was surprised that three persons told me they hated running. I smiled and told them that I was going to do my best and hopefully change their hate in love.

Warming up & techniques – After the introduction we went outside (even it was cold and raining a bit!) to start with a warming-up. Them I told them that like every sport; running is also about technique! It’s about having an active posture by using your arms, legs, corestability, breathing and having focus. For runners it’s important to be flexible, to help prevent common running injuries. So that’s why I always start with a warming-up from head to toe.

Later I teached them some techniques, because my coach always told me that suppleness is important.

Fartlek – The real running came with the “speed play”. I used the training method Fartlek; it blends continuous training with interval training. It wasn’t about being the fastest, but about suppleness and having a good posture. I let the participants run and give them feedback.

Cooling down – We ended the workshop running back to the Fenixloodsen and with some cooling down exercises. I was great to hear that two of the three that hated running were smiling I told me they actually liked it. I hope they are still running around 😉

Broga leg session
After my job was done we had a delicious healthy breakfast at Rauw. During eating my oatmeal Matt, the Broga master, invited me to his leg session. I couldn’t refuse that of course. Now I’m hooked and waiting for Yogaground to open their new studio, so I can do more Broga to develop strength, stamina and increased more mobility. Because it will help me with running!

Curious about Broga? Yogaground will tell you more about it.
Curious about my training skills? Let’s get in contact.